earl sweatshirt is about to explode

earl sweatshirt is about to explode

By now I would have hoped you’ve heard about odd future. They’re a rap collective from Los Angeles that has exploded on to the rap scene in the recent year. Kanye West tweeted Odd Future front man Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” video and it was all over. They quickly blew up and gathered an immense following. Members of Odd Future are very diverse in their abilities. Tyler himself is a producer, director, rapper actor, graphic artist, and fashion designer. Tyler, the Creator is exactly that. He is a Creator. The group contains many different types of talents, skate boarders, producers, photographers, promoters. Everything. Since there’s a fuck load of people in this crew, hyping shit up on Twitter is easy. Follow any number of those guys and you’ll constantly be bombarded with release dates and tid bits of knowledge that passionate fans use to speculate on. But Odd Future’s biggest talent, a cash cow that is waiting to go viral, is Earl Sweatshirt. Earl was in Somoa for awhile because his mom sent him there for boot camp or some shit. The kid just turned 18. Nonetheless, he still has a huge following for his shit that was produced when he was 14, 15 and 16. People on Odd Future forums make posts about almost everything the kid has tweeted since his arrival in the states. He’s released one song since then. One. And not for sale or anything, for free. Once he has enough material to be sold, it’s a wrap. I’m not sure if rap as an industry is even ready, but I know I am.


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