I hope i keep up with this thing

So I’ve been perusing the Atlanta Falcons Message Boards pretty frequently of late, and there’s thread after thread about cutting/trading important starters that have contributed a lot to the Falcon’s success, including Turner, Roddy, DeCoud, and even Matt Ryan. Not sure this is the best idea. The Falcons obviously weren’t buying into the schemes last year and we will see a much more intense and aggressive team next year. Hold tight, Falcons fans. Just because DeCoud, Jerry and Baker won’t be cut doesn’t mean Thomas Dimitroff doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s got us this far, don’t lose faith.

As for our free agents, I believe we should let Abraham and Lofton walk so that we can pick up some game changers on defense. I would love to see the Falcons snagging Mario Williams, and I really could see it happening. The media has him landing in Seattle, but I think Williams would prefer playing on a team closer to winning a Super Bowl with a highly reputable DC in Mike Nolan. Plus, he’s from North Carolina. He’d like the Georgia atmosphere better than the Pacific Northwest.

As far as other free agents go, our priorities to sign should be Grimes, McClure, Biermann, Douglas, Sanders, and Hayden. I also think that we should sign Channing Crowder to replace Lofton, because he’s played in Mike Nolan’s system before and is still under 30. Then, if we have enough cap space to make another decent free agent signing, grab and offensive lineman or a DT. An upgrade at any of these positions would be nice.


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